About Us

Well, hello there!

I’m not sure if it’s normal or completely creepy nosy, but every time I check out a new food blog I head straight for their “about” page. I hope that says more about the need for human connection and understanding than any stalker-ish tendencies I have (and considering you’re here I think it does).


Who are you?

Elly and I are two 20-something gals who met while working together in California. We both decided to marry gentlemen who lent us their considerably cooler last names thanks to their Hispanic (Elly’s man) & Filipino (My boo) heritages-which inspired the name of our blog. Elly also has a pretty cool cat named Weezy who will no-doubt make some guest appearances on our blog. Since starting the blog we split ways, Elly to Hawaii and me to Salt Lake City.

So you only eat plants?

Yup! Elly has been a veg-head since her teens, but went vegan about three years ago. I had a brief stint with vegetarianism in sixth grade that lasted as long as my will-power could hold out against my Mom’s weekly attempt to coax me back to the carnivorous lifestyle: grilled flank steak. I only made it one summer. Fast forward about 10 years, a move to Cali, and meeting Elly at work. After I asked her about a million questions about being vegan, Elly lent me a few books that influenced my outlook (particularly Eating Animals by Jonathan Safran Foer). Eventually, I opened my eyes to what consuming animal products traces back to (pain and suffering) and I realized my sixth grade self was right all along. My first year of a vegan life has had its challenges, but personally, I am much more at peace knowing my actions are in line with my heart.

Why did you start a blog?

We started this blog to document our successes (and probably failures) to come as we face the challenge of the annual vegan month of food (aka vegan mofo). We hope you enjoy reading about our kitchen adventures!


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