Day 17/18

Vegan Mofo Theme: Make (or eat!) a traditional local dish. & Honor a human or non human animal who inspires your veganism.

LM-Web-Glass-with-CoasterA lot of people think of California as the wine capitol of the New World, but here in the Central Coast area, beer is just as big of a local-fest. Last night I went out for a few work events, both hosted at hometown craft breweries: Firestone Walker Brewing Company and Figueroa Mountain Brewery. Firestone Walker had a great tasting room where they were experimenting with some lovely new sour style beers. I’d never tried a sour beer before and I was pleasantly surprised. I’m sorry I have minimal pictures to share (I need to invest in a camera of some type if blogging becomes more of a habit); to elaborate, each of the sour beers I tried had lovely shades of pink or red due to the fruit added to them. My favorite was a cherry-infused Saison style that was brewed with peppercorns. I ended up not drinking anything at Figueroa Mountain (I was driving and we are all about responsible consumption here!) but I have tried their Lizard’s Mouth Imperial IPA before and for someone who dislikes almost all IPA’s-this one is so yummy and unique. The first time I tried it, I described it to my husband akin to “feeling like you are drinking a field of wildflowers.” The aroma is pretty amazing (up there with the smell of tomato vines…anyone with me on that weird olfactory addiction?).

When it comes to honoring someone who inspires my veganism there are some amazing women I need to mention. To begin with, my Aunt Amanda. For someone so young (she’s only 10 years older than me), she has so much insight and wisdom to share. She was into the whole local and sustainable food movement way before it was a thing and was the first person to introduce the idea of vegetarianism to me. She lent me Animal, Vegetable, Miracle, which was the first book I read in my adult life that made me confront the facts about factory-farming. And she paved the way within our family for understanding each other’s food choices (thankfully my family has always been very accepting of my vegan lifestyle-but I think it took way less explaining thanks to the amount of conversations about food we’d already had).

Secondly, my blogging partner in crime, Elly. Her accepting attitude is what drove me to understand and learn more about veganism and ultimately go vegan myself. She continues to inspire me everyday!

486171_380449915366699_1323729281_nAnd third, my sister Connie. This chick is a farm gal and sees the beauty in animals from baby goats to draft horses. I always loved going on the trip to pick her up from horse camp at the end of the summer and see how well she worked together with such massive and majestic creatures. She also inspires me because she went vegan after educating herself about it! I think it takes someone truly strong to open their mind to something new and different and then decide to change their actions to match their values. And in fact, that sums up all these amazing women-they are women who are educated, empowered, and go out of their way to support their values. What wonderful humans to be surrounded and inspired by!



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