Day 15: Welcome, President Obama!


Today’s Vegan MoFo Theme is to prepare a meal for U.S. President Obama if he were coming over to your house.

I’m not going to lie and pretend I know about politics. I don’t know a single thing! But, as far as character goes, I imagine that President Obama and Mrs. Obama are genuinely kind people, who I would love to have over at my house. We pretty much already know them since they sent us a congratulations card for our wedding last year (Try it, it works!). If they had been able to attend, they would have experienced a delicious vegan wedding carrot cake, but they were unfortunately all tied up with Presidential affairs.

So, President and Mrs. are coming over, what would I prepare? I like to think of them as pretty down-to-earth people who would enjoy anything. We all know Michelle loves her veggies, too! A staple in our house is Mexican food. We make some sort of Mexican item (quesadillas, tacos, flautas, guacamole, tostadas) for breakfast, lunch, or dinner probably 5-10 times a week. Not. Even. Exaggerating. If President and Mrs. were coming over, we would most certainly serve them something that represents us, and that is Mexican food. We are from San Antonio, after all.

Angela's pretty steak fajitas (from the book)
Angela’s pretty steak fajitas (from the book)

I usually don’t go off a recipe for Mexican food, we grew up making it! But I wanted to try Angela Liddon‘s take on “Portobello Steak Fajitas” on page 185 of her amazing book, “The Oh She Glows Cookbook“. The first time I tried it my husband cancelled all plans when he saw what I was making. It was something besides our usual Mexican fare, and we were both excited.

I think a lot of vegans tend to replace meat with fake meats such as seitan or fake cheeses like daiya. While I have tried these meats and cheeses, I am just not a huge fan (sorry if you are!). I think it is psychological more than anything. Too close to the real thing scares me (uncanny valley of veganism?). For meats, I am much more a fan of substituting a protein such as lentils, beans, or in this case, portobello mushrooms. I love the lime marinade she spells out for you in the book, and how the mushroom slices taste just off a hot griddle. I accompanied the portobello steak slices with chopped lettuce, avocado, tomatoes, and sauteed red peppers, and carmelized onions. I am sure Michelle would enjoy all the vegetables present in this dish, and President Obama himself would love being treated a vegan representation of the cuisine we both grew up with.


– E&E



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