Day 14: Sharing is Caring

Today’s Vegan MoFo Theme is to make something vegan and share it with non-vegans! Erin and I often cook and bake items for work, where we are heckled, poked, and annoyed to wit’s end about being vegans. No joke. If I had a dollar for every dumb argument/question I am asked at work that Vegan Sidekick has turned into a comic strip, I’d be a thousand-aire (I love Vegan Sidekick and super recommend, btw).tumblr_n2qqsgdr5z1qb7zx2o1_1280Anyways, today I baked Chef Mary Mattern’s “Fat Mint Chocolate Chip Cookies” from her new book, Nom Yourself, for all the haters. I’ve never added mint into cookies before, so I thought this sounded like an amazing recipe to try. They were a hit, I think. The cookie box was emptied, but I did have to carry it around to cubicles to get rid of the last of them. I got a lot of the FullSizeRender(8)usual comments. “You’re a vegan? You don’t look like a vegan…” What does that even mean? What does a vegan look like? Another guy said “these don’t have the consistency of vegan cookies…” very hesitantly. I told him “they taste the same, even without the lamb bones and lion hearts, right?” jokingly. I think that, while dealing with people’s vegan questions and comments (for almost half my life now) has sometimes made me angry and defensive, it has made me a more patient person overall. I am not as kind (or eloquent with words) as Erin is, but I still think that this daily test of my patience is making me into a better person. Right? I guess this is my roundabout way of saying that sharing cookies calms me down. I hope you’ll try it too. And if you haven’t checked out Mary’s new book, Nom Yourself, I suggest you do!

– E&E


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