Day 12: Favorite Cookbook!?

FullSizeRender(5)Hello All! I’m back after being bedridden for the last 5 days. Erin held down the blog and even stopped by yesterday to see me in my semi-recovering state, so she can attest… I was REALLY sick. If my Instagram account seemed kind of random, that’s because I was laying in bed unsure of what was going on, and used photos I took on other days. I’m still not eating much but soups and crackers, but it’s a major improvement from not being able to eat at all during the first three days. It’s lucky today is about a book and doesn’t require cooking! Erin and I both have at least six cookbooks each, if I had to guess. That doesn’t seem like much, but if you count how many recipes, it’s thousands!

We definitely couldn’t agree on which is both of our favorites, so instead we both have submissions for you today! Enjoy.


It’s way to hard to just pick one favorite cookbook, but the first cookbook I bought for myself when I went vegan has always been a favorite of mine. Isa Chandra Moskowitz’s “Isa Does It!” is full of beautiful, full page pictures and everything I’ve tumblr_mzf9clcflU1qz6f4bo1_1280tried from it has been absolutely wonderful. A particular favorite of ours is the vegan nacho recipe with taco spiced lentils and cashew queso – we’re big on nachos with movie night. I can truly say this cookbook got me few the first few months of going vegan.

Although my husband likes most of the recipes from the book, he absolutely abhors the cover photo (it’s a long story with him having a really, awful, horrible day, coming home and seeing this propped up on my cookbook stand and he felt like she was giving him the evil eye). What are your favorites?


My favorite cookbook is my most frequented one and also the one that makes me laugh most. I have been a fan of the Thug Kitchen for years now. I spent a good chunk of this year away from home, due to work. One of the gifts my husband got for FullSizeRender(6)me when I finally returned was the very first Thug Kitchen Cookbook.

Their blog, and now their cookbook is just my type of humor. The foods are hearty and there are many different recipes to choose from. I’ve made the sweet corn & baked green chile flautas on pg. 82 more than twice now for parties, the horchata on pg. 139 almost weekly, and perhaps one of my favorite things I’ve ever made; the creamy ravioli with house marinara on pg. 147. I could go on and on and on. I absolutely love this cookbook and what’s more, my omnivore husband loves it too (maybe it feels manlier than other cookbooks?). On his own he has even cooked several things from here. His favorite is probably the whole wheat banana pancakes on pg. 13, or the roasted sriracha cauliflower bites with peanut dipping sauce on pg. 128. I highly recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

Some other great cookbooks we use frequently:

Both of us are excited to hear some suggestions for other great cookbooks and some shout outs to the chefs and cookbook authors we love through the Vegan Mofo channels! Hope you are having a blissful Saturday-we’re out for the weekend but we’ll be back Monday with a make-up post about our kitchen tour (hint: it’s not traditional) and something to show those non-vegans in our life how versatile vegan food is.




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