Days 9 & 10: Something Old, New, Borrowed, and Blue

Well both of us are already married, but we thought it was a good theme to help mash up the past two days prompts:

Day 9: Most retro recipe.
Day 10: Something blue.

For our retro recipe we originally planned on making jello but then Avocados and Ales’ fruit snack recipe looked so easy we wanted to try! And for Day 10’s prompt we had been itching to try these raw blueberry tarts from this rawsome vegan life.IMG_3039

Old: Our kitchen gadgets-from my trusty old food processor to the mini tart pans that were passed down from my Nana
New: Our blog
Borrowed: The recipes!
Blue: The berry-licious ingredients-blueberries (or blue-babies as we grew up calling them), blackberries, and açaí berries

For the fruit snacks, we used açaí juice. I thought they were pretty tasty, but if you use it, or any other low-acid fruit juice, I would suggest adding some lime (or lemon, etc.) juice to up the tart factor. I feel that’s what really give traditional fruit chew’s their signature. Also, don’t fear if you don’t have candy molds-we used an ice tray and they turned out just fine.

I promise that’s juice….not the results of me going all Dexter on someone.

Speaking of tart…yes they were delicious and I loved the simplicity of the recipe. Our only tweak: instead of going with all the blue-babies we added in blackberry too; perfect I tell ya! We  also had a little extra crust left from our tins, so we crumbled it on top with the coconut.


Hope you had a lovely blue day!

-E & E


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