Day 8: Fail-Sauce

Posting a day late because I have been home sick with the flu! I am still ill, but am feeling better enough to stare at the computer screen for a little bit and not feel nauseous.

The theme for Day 8 (yesterday) was to make a new vegan friend. I wanted to share my story from a few weeks ago. Our office is large, about 250 people if I had to guess. There is always SOMEONE bringing in donuts, cupcakes, you name it. Unless it is Erin or myself who brings it, it is never vegan. I normally keep my thoughts to myself, but on this one particular day I spoke up. Have you ever had someone offer you donuts over and over and over!? That is what happened to me. After politely saying no the first few times, I finally said “I can’t, I am a vegan!”. I expected laughter and rude comments, but instead, a girl poked her head out and began to ask questions. Apparently she has been trying the vegan lifestyle since April of this year, and was having a hard time from the members in her section of the office. It was so nice to be able to stick up for her, even in that short moment, as her co-workers began to ask a million of the regular questions (the same questions, I might add, that she gets asked daily).

Moral of the story; you never know who is listening, so it is OK to talk about veganism! Someone’s curiosity may even lead them down the path to a better lifestyle.



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